With the development and improvement of new and existing technologies, the agricultural sector is being prepared for climate change and supported with appropriate measures.

In 2017/18, Western Cape faced the worst drought in 100 years. Targeted measures to regulate water consumption prevented Cape Town from running out of water.

Western Cape put data management on a new modern footing to build data capacity, enable intelligent use of data, improve service delivery and thereby make life easier for people.

Western Cape is developing measures and programmes to make public transport safer and more reliable in the province.

In 2015, the "After School Game Changer" initiative was introduced with the aim of starting and improving after-school activities for young people in order to achieve better educational outcomes and increased opportunities for them.

The project deals with the training of the human brain. The project started as a pilot project in schools in low income communities. Due to its success, the program will be implemented in all schools in the province.

To protect the environment and preserve it for future generations, Western Cape relies on the use of new technologies and the adaptation of existing technologies to the African context.