Munderfing uses the “Systemic Consensus” model when it needs to come to fast decisions. Therefore, the no-arguments are collected and furthermore the interests of the public can be considered in an optimal way.

The Agenda 21 implements concrete projects together with citizens. Therefore a network in Upper Austria is created.

Food coops are non-profit organisations which offer an infrastructure for the procurement and distribution of sustainable products in the region. The products are regional/biological and come from local farmers, market gardens, apiaries, etc.

The output is a digital platform where informal competences, reached through voluntary work, are listed.

This project deals with solutions to facilitate the use of digital devices by people with disabilities. It is done by building blocks with flexible and adaptable AT functions.

The PEAKapp is a mobile application especially developed to sensitize consumers to energy consumption. Moreover, it offers incentives to save energy.

Easy Reading is a software tool to support the cognitive accessibility of web contents. This enables people with cognitive disabilities to read, understand and use the web in a better way

Within the project Re-FREAM (Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing) new production methods as well as materials and technologies for the fashion of the future will be developed.

NEFI – New Energy for Industry shows pathways for the DECARBONISATION of manufacturing and energy-intensive industry by technology ‘Made in Austria’. NEFI is an innovation network of science, technology providers and companies.

Through this project, a modern “Future Workspace” is created where people can work in a renewable environment. It will be a node point in Kremsmünster where various models will be tested.