Smart Villages is the intelligent digital transformation of communities in the Alpine region. Various solutions like a digital platform or a toolbox should make it possible for people to stay in the Alpine regions and find jobs there.

The project deals with the digital transformation of the Upper Austrian government authority. A new application is the app “Mein OÖ” (“My Upper Austria”).

The problem for commuters is that public transport runs at specific stops and these stops need to be reached by car in the countryside. To solve this problem, this project deals with an attractive Micro-offer for public transport to manage first and last mile problems.

A combined park and rental station for E-Bikes and E-Cars, first of its kind in the world, is now in use in the residential field. Equipment such as theft-proof boxes, parcel compartments or a charge column for E-Cars is provided by Safetydock.

As an alternative to the car, Freistadt offers covered parking spaces for bikes and four safetydock boxes for secure, comfortable bike parking and for rent-an-E-cargo-bike.

Based on the Open Source Software SUMO a traffic simulation software was created to get a picture of real-time traffic state.

Fully autonomous driving gets possible with modern technology based on artificial intelligence. The tool is a neuronal network called Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) which makes decisions based on camera pictures, combined with “memories” from the past.

The project explores digital solutions for optimizing personnel development and identifying employee qualification strategies.

For the four tourist resorts around Lake Traunsee, the topic of accessibility is an important issue. Therefore, a group of people from different groups of interest was created. Now various projects have already been realised.

The 4D-Joystick is an innovative award-winning system which enables people with disabilities to pilot remotely controlled, non-trivial toys with their mouth.