The rural spinning mill in St. Aegidi is a project within the context of “Agenda 21”. The building will become a “centre of knowledge” and therefore gain a significant position within the community. Because of its importance, it is also pushed by the citizens to create jobs in the region.

In Upper Austria, the most industrialised of Austria’s 9 regions, over 30 % of the primary energy demand is already supplied by renewables – more than twice the EU average. Over 2 billion Euro are invested in the clean energy transition by businesses, citizens and the public sector each year - smart investments in a sustainable future!

Upper Austria holds a leading position in the smart use of bioenergy. 15 % of primary energy comes from sustainable biomass, 35 % of all dwellings are heated with clean biomass and there are over 6,000 jobs in the biomass heating industry.

The energy contracting model allows for investments in energy efficiency and in renewable energy without high upfront investment costs from the building owner. A specialised company plans, builds and finances the energy efficiency measures while guaranteeing the project’s success.

“Smart Flex” is a smart price product for heat pumps. Thanks to daily information about the price, it can heat itself at a very low cost.

The Eberstalzell community is a Demo-region for methods to handle more electricity with existing grids. The motivation is an upcoming number of photovoltaic panels, electric heating as well as cooling and electric vehicles.

The project is a digital product to show how consumers can share self-produced pho-tovoltaic energy with family and friends.

This project deals with the production and retention of petroleum gas in reservoirs through a microbiological process.

The aim is to convert the Austrian economy to a CO2-neutral structure with an energy system based on hydrogen. WIVA deals with the three sectors of green energy, industry and mobility.

The aim of BioREg is to establish a decentralised and material flexible biogenic waste refinery. It should be able to handle any biogenic waste and the construction should be profitable in any size.