The rural spinning mill in St. Aegidi is a project within the context of “Agenda 21”. The building will become a “centre of knowledge” and therefore gain a significant position within the community. Because of its importance, it is also pushed by the citizens to create jobs in the region.

The project explores digital solutions for optimizing personnel development and identifying employee qualification strategies.

In 2015, the "After School Game Changer" initiative was introduced with the aim of starting and improving after-school activities for young people in order to achieve better educational outcomes and increased opportunities for them.

For the four tourist resorts around Lake Traunsee, the topic of accessibility is an important issue. Therefore, a group of people from different groups of interest was created. Now various projects have already been realised.

The 4D-Joystick is an innovative award-winning system which enables people with disabilities to pilot remotely controlled, non-trivial toys with their mouth.

BayernLabs are centres for digital knowledge creation. In the Labs you can learn about topics and trends relating to the ongoing digitalisation process. At least one BayernLab will be established in each administrative district also with the aim to strengthen rural areas.

Munderfing uses the “Systemic Consensus” model when it needs to come to fast decisions. Therefore, the no-arguments are collected and furthermore the interests of the public can be considered in an optimal way.

The project deals with the training of the human brain. The project started as a pilot project in schools in low income communities. Due to its success, the program will be implemented in all schools in the province.

The Agenda 21 implements concrete projects together with citizens. Therefore a network in Upper Austria is created.