Goals of this projects are to develop and install a Living Lab on electric mobility at University of Campinas while investigating technical, economical and environmental impacts. Furthermore to develop approaches for intelligent management of buses (conventional as well as electric), recharges and power grid. Investigate impacts on the distribution grid along with the inclusion of storage devices, distributed generation based on renewables and IoT devices for real-time monitoring.

Weifang is a prefectural city in central Shandong. The Smart City Project of Weifang is an example of Smart City Technology Innovation. Weifang is home to the first urban cloud computing centre, built and operated via a PPP model in China.

Food coops are non-profit organisations which offer an infrastructure for the procurement and distribution of sustainable products in the region. The products are regional/biological and come from local farmers, market gardens, apiaries, etc.

The output is a digital platform where informal competences, reached through voluntary work, are listed.

This project deals with solutions to facilitate the use of digital devices by people with disabilities. It is done by building blocks with flexible and adaptable AT functions.

The PEAKapp is a mobile application especially developed to sensitize consumers to energy consumption. Moreover, it offers incentives to save energy.

The City of Albany has developed an integrated data portal in order to drive efficiency and transparency throughout the city government. First Implementation focus area: Housing records and utility data are the initial focus of the project.

TEMPiS has set itself the target to improve stroke care also in rural areas. Stroke experts from the TEMPiS centres advise regional hospitals via video conference. Within the TEMPiS network, regional hospitals receive competent support by stroke centres around the clock.

Easy Reading is a software tool to support the cognitive accessibility of web contents. This enables people with cognitive disabilities to read, understand and use the web in a better way